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BOOKGLOW December 13, 2019

The Chameleon Shuffle was recommended as one of five satires readers will enjoy.

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      Book Launch February 29, 2020

A launch for The Chameleon Shuffle was held from 3:00 to 4:30 PM at the Cooper-Siegel library in Fox Chapel.  Book-signing was followed with a wine and cheese reception.

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Interview on Bookglow

                          February 11, 2020

        Author Talk: Jere Krakoff and His Book: The Chameleon Shuffle

       March 11, 2020 Cooper-Siegel Community Library 6:30-8:00 pm

Join author Jere Krakoff as he discusses his new book, The Chameleon Shuffle, a satirical novel that hilariously  exposes our current political climate, judicial system, and leaders.

Jere Krakoff was a civil rights attorney prior to authoring his first novel, Something Is Rotten in Fettig (Anaphora) in 2016. His second novel, The Chameleon Shuffle (Open Books) was published in January. Both books are humorous satirical novels about the law. Something Is Rotten lampoons the criminal justice system of a fictitious Republic that closely resembles the US. The Chameleon, set in the same Republic, traces the odyssey of a High Court Justice who involuntarily switches from Conservative to Liberal every few days, a pattern that infuriates his fellow Justices, lawyers, the press, and wide swaths of the public-at-large. In addition to Leonard Zweig, the so-called judicial chameleon, the book is populated by eccentric psychiatrists, law school professors, and other memorable characters.​

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